GT3 Asia and the new GT4 Asia Cup Pre Season Test at Sepang

With GT3 Asia now in its second year after it has evolved from Supercar Club Hong Kong (SCCHK), I have just learnt today that we will have a new series called GT4 Asia Cup this season. From my research the series was introduced to cater for teams and drivers in Asian region who wanted a close and professional series that is affordable. Now together with PCCA, GT3 Asia and GT4 Asia Cup formed part of the Asian Festival Of Speed. For petrol-head like us at RaceRevo this year looks pretty exciting for GT racing in Asia. Today is their Pre Season Test Day and I was there to check out what’s in store for you guys the Petrol-heads. Together with Nazim and Anas, I head out to Sepang early in the morning to catch the action on track. It was raining all the way to Sepang. When it rains, there are two things that made us grins from ear to ear. Number one, opportunity for dramatic images and number two we are saved from scorching hot Malaysian weather.

Aston Martin DBRS9GT, Team Ringo Chong, Driver Frank Yu. Frank Yu spent most of time in pit, hopefully tomorrow we can get more of this car on track.

When we arrived there, we are a bit too early. It seemed to me that we are burning with too much enthusiasm lately. I don’t know why, maybe we sensed this year will be a good year for RaceRevo. Anyway, the official drivers photo shoot session with the official photographer was still underway and this was a closed session. Pipa Arbee, PIC of the event suggested that we take breakfast first and chill out at the hospitality area. And we did so with pleasure. Later she joined us and we talked a bit and she gave us some insights on the series. It’s great to hear that participation in the series is growing in numbers considering the current climate of economic uncertainties.

This Porsche is not in the team list that was given to me, anyway more on that below…

We were informed that not all registered drivers are attending this Pre-Season Test. In fact some of the drivers were just testing their machinery and still undecided whether to join the series or not. This season GT3 Asia will be held at six different circuits namely Sepang, Fuji, Sentul, Korea, Autopolis and Macau as special invitational race. From the initial drivers list handed to us, majority of the drivers are from Hong Kong. Representing Malaysia is Tunku Hammam as we know according to the list. If there is an updated list tomorrow, we will update you as we will be there for the second day of testing as well.

Ahh, the sole Ginetta G50 GT of Team Craf driven by Samson Chan. It makes a thunderous tune of harmonic melody around the race track.

Another thing to look out for this season is the wave of varieties of cars that will be lining up the grid. We are looking at the Ferrari 360 Modena, Aston Martin DBRS 9, Aston Martin Vantage N24, Ferarri F430, Porsche 997, Lamborghini Gallardo and LP 560 to feature in this two series. With that, how can you not be excited for this season? It’s going to be awesome.

I’m not going to look at the practice times and speculate anything as I was told today was more of a shakedown. Well, it has been several months since the last time these drivers were driving. So, like Pipa said, they were having fun and there was no urgency at all in the pit garage. It was a quite relaxing atmosphere among the drivers.

Green with envy. LP 560 GT3 of Team SPS Racing driven by Michael Choi.

Mak Hing Tak’s 997 Porsche GT3 drives past the grandstand with the F430 of Andrew Luk of Team IMSS in the background.

Team SPS Racing’s Gallardo GT3 driven by Siu Tit Leong.

Bryan Tong of Team IMSS in a Ferrari F430 GT3. Bryan is a teammate of Andrew Luk and Oliver Lee.

I recognized this team very well. This was the team that won the MMER in 2008.

The F430 of Andrew Luk of Team IMSS

To round up my selection of images for today, this is what it looks inside the F430 cockpit of Team IMSS.

Editorial : Mu’az Zakaria

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