F1 Thoughts of the Day – Backbone of a Success

When we talk F1, the focus is always on the strengths of the drivers and often times we are told a story of how drivers singlehandedly blown away the competitions. However, these are far from the truth and any driver understands this fact very well. These selected cream of the crop engineers work far harder than the drivers and as just as amazing in their own right, but they don’t get similar highlights since they are out of the glare of publicity.

Newey has worked in both Formula One and IndyCar racing as a race engineer, aerodynamicist, designer and technical director. Considered as one of the best engineers that Formula One has ever seen, Newey designs have won numerous titles dominating much of the 1990s and currently with Red Bull, his car is regarded as the fastest on the grid.

Drivers or talented engineers. Which one is the most potent component of a successful Formula One team you may ask? Well undoubtedly both are important, but if you are running on a certain budget which direction would you go for? Will it be Adrian Newey (Red Bull) with Rubens Barrichello or Nick Wirth (Virgin) with Fernando Alonso? The first selection will cost you far less, but have the most potential. Adrian Newey never failed to produce a winning car. As an example, nobody would have presumed that Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber would have the chance to fight for the championship few years before if not for Adrian Newey.

Well, it’s a different view and a thought that needs to be revisited from time to time. It’s a subject that we could talk and debate over a cup of tea at mamak stalls or with our office mates. To wind up the article, I attached a video which explores behind the scene work of a Ferrari mechanics.

Diego Ioverno, Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro Head of Race Operations, talking about his and the mechanics’ work at the box, preparing cars and gearboxes in Maranello and at the races.

Editorial : Mu’az Zakaria
Image Source : Renault F1 and Red Bull F1

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