Preview – GT3 Asia and GT4 Asia Cup 2010

Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin. These are probably the names that first comes to mind when cars are mentioned. So, which one do you prefer?

Is it Ferrari, the Italian marque with its legendary names that has been associated with the highest echelon of motorsport since its participation in 1950?

Or is it another Italian, the Lamborghini with its exquisite and delicate design?

How about the German precision and brilliant engineering of the Porsche?

Or maybe the British charm and elegant that is associated with the Aston? This debate of why one car is better than the other can go on and on forever.

The good news for car lovers in Asia is that Supercar Club Hong Kong and Motorsport Asia Limited reached an agreement to jointly organize the Asia Supercar Challenge in 2008. In 2009, the series has evolved to become GT3 Asia and is now held as part of the Asian Festival Of Speed. And in 2010, another new series, the GT4 Asia Cup were introduced and will run concurrently with the GT3 Asia series. This is an opportunity to watch all the supercars in action, with Round 1 & 2 scheduled for 14 – 16 May 2010 at the Sepang International Circuit.

So be it a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a Porsche or an Aston, GT3 Asia will feature all these cars. There’s even some other cars like the Ginetta (above), although not as famous or renowned, is a brilliant machine in its own right. And the Ginetta is by far the loudest sounding machine among the bunch during the test session. Watching it screams down the long straight is indeed an awe inspiring experience.

Finally, here’s some more photos from last weekend’s testing session at the Sepang International Circuit. Stay tuned for our coverage of Round 1 & 2 next month.

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