APRC 2010 Round 1 – Shakedown Day

All the competitiors of APRC 2010 warmed up their machines as RaceRevo reports the official shakedown of APRC 2010 Round 1 right here at Tai Tak Plantation in Kota Tinggi, Johor. With the likes of Chris Atkinson, Alister McRae, Katsu Taguchi and Malaysia’s legend Karamjit Singh, we’re definitely on track for some mud whipping this weekend!

Factory outfit PROTON R3 Malaysia Rally Team looked very well position with sharp and smooth driving from Atkinson and McRae. With them at the helm of the car, the Satria Neo S2000 looked very fast indeed.

Meanwhile we are going to have not less than 4 Japanese driver participating for this round, Tomohide Hasegawa, Yuya Sumiyama, Hiroshi Yanagisawa and former champion Katsu Taguchi.

The recent havoc caused by the ashes of an Icelandic volcano also effected Taguchi’s preparation. Mark Stacey has been called in at the last minute as a co-driver as Taguchi’s original partner Chris Murphy still stuck in London. Lets hope they can gel in time to put in a good show for the crowd.

Wrong way out! After an hour, heavy rain interrupted the shakedown session.

Stay tuned with us for more coverage of the APRC 2010 Round 1 at Kota Tinggi, Johor!

Photo : Anas Zakaria / Nazim Idris
Editorial : Nazim Idris

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3 Responses to “APRC 2010 Round 1 – Shakedown Day”
  1. Dorikin says:

    Lovely shot, hey wats up with the last picture? did u guys get it in the way somehow?

  2. Dorikin says:

    Btw, any news from Karamjit stable btw? any special from him so far?

  3. Nazim Idris says:

    Yeah, the entry to the shakedown track is shared with the media, so as we’re making our way out, here Gaurav Gill make his way in. It was quite an embarrassing moment though… :D

    No big news from Karamjit team so far, today we will have press conference and launching ceremony later this evening… thanks for tuning in, and stay tuned for more!

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