FIA GT1 – Performance Balancing Kicks In at Silverstone

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The Nissans are back with a force. A blue sky of Silverstone as a backdrop and note of thunder screaming past you is a wonderful sight to behold. One of these days I must return back to the country where I was born.

Performance Balancing is a system by which cars of differing architecture and horsepower through GT Bureau makes adjustments through methods of additional weight, restrictors or aerodynamics so that the competitions is an even playing field. The FIA objective is certainly a success after we look at Round 1 and Round 2 race results. The Aston Martins were way down the grid in Abu Dhabi but here in the new layout of Silverstone they shot up to dominate the race by taking 1-2 finish. GT-R was there too taking the final podium proving the system indeed work flawlessly.

This weekend Maserati MC12 gains 35kg (1235kg). The MC12 is also to be fitted with two resrictors of 31.2mm. After technical mod, the weight and restrictors, Silverstone will be tough and indeed they struggle to match the pace of the Astons.

Some pure racing petrolhead however might argued against the system seeing at how the ever so dominant MC12 was decapitated by new FIA GT technical modifications. Citing the system doesn’t really show what the car is originally capable out of the factory. However, one pondered if the series wants to continue its survival, measures such as this is arguably a positive step and would prevent an escalation of cost when teams are pursuing victory. As for me, with the system in place, wide variety of GT cars can take part in the series just as it was in the glory days of GT racing in the 1950s and 1960s.

Oliver Gabin of Corvette Z06 Team Mad-Croc Racing understood that C6R is now gaining 40kg (total 1240kg) and communication with engineers is the essence to get everything right on the weekend.

These days it’s not a straightforward affair labeling which car has the overall advantage over the rest of the pack. It’s now about the teams and how they strategically make it work on the grand prix weekends.

This is what fans are watching the races for, drama and action. Marc Hennericci – Andreas Zuber / Corvette Z06 Team Phoenix Racing

For your information, the system is a complicated mathematical modeling that changes at every race depending on the performance of each particular manufacturers. All that is done for you the fans, to enjoy the cars and make the championship tighter hence more drama, more story, more action, more stuffs to talk at your coffee time.

Now let’s look at what performance balancing does to the order of the race winner from Abu Dhabi, this is the story on the ground.

Thomas Enge and Darren Turner took the chequered flag to win Round 2 of the FIA GT1 World Championship at the new Silverstone layout and become the latest in a long line of Tourist Trophy winners that stretches back to 1905. The 50kg performance balancing reduction for the DBR9 for Silverstone had been used to full effect.

Hexis AMR Aston Martin of Frederic Makowiecki and Thomas Accary were a victim of a mistake during the pitstop that would gave French team a drive through penalty. This promoted Thomas and Darren to the top spot. After showing good sign of dominance by getting the pole in Qualifying, finishing second is not where the team expected to be.

After some performance balancing resulting in a loss of 50 kg, the Sumo Power GT Nissan GT-R would use it to full effect securing the final podium spot. But it was not an easy cruise after the end of race battle with the Reiter Lamborghini of Jos Menten.

FIA had adjusted the performance of a number of cars for Silverstone after Abu Dhabi, and the result is clear and evidence. But as a fan, my advice is don’t bother about this too much.

Editorial : Mu’az Zakaria
Image Source : FIA GT1 DPPI

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  1. Eskelsen says:

    The new silverstone layout is already a legend.

  2. sheyi says:

    Some really amazing shots you have there.

    I am looking forward to taking photographs of MotoGP on the new Silverstone track this weekend.
    The track looks good

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