A quick peek suggest that most of the teams are running some new parts here and there. Whether the pecking order will change because of this is the big question now and will only be answered comes qualifying later today.

Ross Brawn brings innovation wherever he goes. His new Mercedes GP Petronas has two radical features. First, the angling forwards of the front suspension, to counter the weight distribution problem of the previous chassis and the other is the airbox, never before attempted concept in F1 engineering history.

Lotus again established themselves as the best of new teams. With the recent updates on key areas such as front wing, Heikki and Trulli have more confidence now to attack the track rather than fighting the car. More importantly, the two Lotuses were much closer to the established teams now.

As far as development is concerned, Renault have only updated their front wing. Even then, it’s not decided yet whether they will actually use it. Kubica can’t complain much though considering all the updates he has received in the first four races this season. In both free practice Kubica put his Renault in the mid of top four teams.

32 overtakings to his belt so far. Needless to say that speaks volume of his desire to win the championship this season. In FP1 he topped the time-sheets however failed to replicate the form in FP2 on a softer compound tires. The times are arguably suggesting that McLaren inherent qualifying problem is still persists. Did McLaren disguise their true pace in second practice? Webber suggest McLaren may be sandbagging after all. Are they?

If there is one thing that gives the die hard Schumi fans great consolation, this is it. His return to form. Or was it? Keeping in mind Rosberg and Michael were actually running different programs. One thing we notice, is the air of optimism in Michael’s speech after the session.

Jenson couldn’t get his car to work in both sessions. Unlike Lewis, he is known to work his way slowly and smartly. After two fantastic victories masterminded by brilliant shows of intelligence versus raw speed, Lewis without doubt must be feeling the intense pressure his teammate is putting.

Nearly a second faster than the rest, Red Bull’s quest for pole is almost a certainty. The question is which Red Bull? Vettel or Mark. Personally, the pole sided with Vettel, at least statistically. The ever so quick Red Bull is now quicker, their updates so far have propelled them into a very comfortable position. With f-duct looming in Turkey, it can only spell disaster for McLaren, Ferrari and Mercedes.

After watching the thrashing or a thumping manner the Red Bull gave them in the final free practice, Alonso is now adamant that RedBull is in a different territory. The new Ferrari package is unable to halt the Red Bull advances.

Editorial : Mu’az Zakaria
Image Source : McLaren, Mercedes GP Petronas, Renault, Red Bull, f1fanatic.co.uk

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