Featured Photographer – Hazrin Yeob Men Shah

Yup, it’s quite easy to pick Hazrin out particularly with his pink equipment. Click the JUMP to see the result of that shot.

Photographers capture moments of history in the making. Their role is to get the images to convey the best possible representation of the actual event. Furthermore, the images have to relay the emotional feel, it must be thought provoking, provide an artistic value, of significance before an audience and reflect the subject taken. Here at RaceRevo.com, we celebrate the contribution of motorsports photographers all over the world. Often times, they are abused because most people fail to understand how difficult and costly it’s to be in this field. From now on, our little featured photographers section hope to highlight some of the best works from the guys behind the lens. Now the forgotten shall be remembered.

Let’s us start with our local photographer Hazrin Yeob Men Shah. We figure photographers like him deserve a special feature. Hazrin’s career in motorsport started when he was called to assist the Malaysia’s Premier F1 Online portal. Later he was given the chance to photograph local drag scene. After that he never looks back. A regular snapper at Sepang, Hazrin’s work is published nationally and internationally, so far he has photographs all forms of motorsports to date, from Rally to Formula One. His work is revered by many of his colleagues and he has lots of fans too. As for us, one thing we are impressed with him is how determined he is to push the boundaries further to get that one shot that matters. We call it the Headliners.

Without further a due, we published the rest of his work at the recent AFOS event. Enjoy!!

Well, I hope you enjoy our new Featured Photographer section on RaceRevo. And remember stay tuned for more on our insights and coverage of the recent AFOS event.

Editorial : Mu’az Zakaria

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