Asian Festival Of Speed (AFOS) – Formula BMW Pacific Race 3 & 4

Formula BMW Pacific continues on Sunday, with guest drivers from Team Eurointernational continues to dominate the race weekend. Danill Kyvat got his second victory as he romped away from pole position all the way to chequered flag in Race 3. This time he was pushed right from the start by his teammate Michael Lewis, but ultimately Kyvat defended his position well and denied Lewis any room to overtake. They crossed the line very close, only 0.439 second separating them.

Petronas Mofaz Racing’s Calvin Wong completed the bottom step of the podium, much to the delight of the local supporters. He was not far off the pace of the leading duo, but in closing laps he had to hold off the challenge from the determine Richard Bradley of Eurasia Motorsport, who battled his way from 18th position to finish a close 4th behind Wong. That kind of drive will surely not went unnoticed in the paddock.

Another driver who showed the arts of overtaking during the race was Colombian Oscar Tunjo of Team Meritus. Driving in a red Formula BMW, he started 19th on the grid and attacked the drivers in front of him right from the beginning, overtaking them one by one. He ended up behind Kotaro Sakurai, finishing 6th overall, and probably could finish much higher if the race was longer.

Spanish driver Carlos Sainz Jr won the battle for 7th place, closely beating Nabil Jeffri of Malaysia and Pasin Lathouras of Thailand.

Tunjo claimed the fastest lap of the race with 2:12.601, registered in the final lap.

Selected Driver Quotes :

Daniil Kyvat : “It wasn’t an easy win, a victory is never easy, but today it was tough because my teammate was really close to me, so I try to make as few mistakes as possible. It’s important to see if I can stave off the pressure and I did. I was under pressure the entire race.”

Race 3 Results :

1 11 Daniil KVYAT    10     22:24.995
2 14 Michael LEWIS    10    22:25.434 +0.439
3 16 Calvin WONG    10    22:28.004 +3.009
4 69 Richard BRADLEY     10    22:28.380 +3.385
5 55 Kotaro SAKURAI    10     22:30.975 +5.980
6 88 Oscar TUNJO    10    22:32.914 +7.919
7 12 Carlos SAINZ Jr.    10    22:35.728 +10.733
8 7 Nabil JEFFRI    10    22:36.152 +11.157
9 38 Pasin LATHOURAS    10    22:36.523 +11.528
10 45 Duvashen PADAYACHEE    10    22:46.263 +21.268
11 2 James BIRCH    10    22:47.564 +22.569
12 9 S.H. Tom MUN    10     22:48.894 +23.899
13 66 Jordan OON     10    22:49.360 +24.365
14 20 Yannick METTLER    10    22:53.914 +28.919
15 78 Afiq IKHWAN    10    22:54.184 +29.189
16 17 Ryan RITCHIE     10    22:59.265 +34.270
17 5 Suriya BALAKERISNAN   10    23:08.447 +43.452
18 8 Dustin SOFYAN    10    23:10.338 +45.343
19 19 Amirrul KHIRUDIN     10    23:11.273 +46.278
20 15 Muhammad Sazlan SIRAJUDIN   10   23:14.974 +49.979
21 18 Natasha SEATTER    10     23:35.216 +1:10.221

Not classified (75% = 7 Laps) :

DNF 75 CHANG Mun Shien    3
DNF 10 Jesse DIXON    1

Total domination, that was the doing of Team Eurointernational when they swept the podium with all 3 drivers in Race 4 of Formula BMW Pacific. Carlos Sainz Jr leading his teammates all the way to capped his second victory here at Sepang International Circuit. This capped a very successful outing for the Italian team, sweeping all the winner’s trophy plus numbers of podium finishes, showing that their drivers were clearly faster than the rest of the field.

American Michael Lewis finished the race in 2nd spot, ahead of previous race winner Daniil Kyvat of Russia. Lewis started the race 3rd on the grid but attacked Kyvat right from the race start and overtook the Russian on the inside of Turn 1. This was the 4th podium for Lewis, and a race win was the only thing eluded him. With great support from his team and sponsors, don’t be surprise to hear this name in the pinnacle of motor racing in years to come.

Kyvat had to settle for 3rd place this time around, but overall he was the best driver this weekend, managing 2 win, one 2nd place and one 3rd place finish in 4 races. At 16, time certainly favours him and he is without doubt the driver to watch, now and in the future.

Meanwhile at the back, Nabil Jeffri of Malaysia got into racing incidents with Briton James Birch of Motaworld Racing and Calvin Wong of Petronas Mofaz Racing. That collision on lap 2 resulting Birch car being flipped off the track and retired, while Nabil and Wong managed to continue with their race. Their final outcome was 11th and 16th respectively.  Nabil was the best local driver during this 2-day event, managing to score in all 4 races. With him and Wong showing good results here, one can be sure that they will be challenging for more honors this season.

Colombian Oscar Tunjo again set the fastest lap with the time of 2:11.970 on lap 7 of the race.

Selected Driver Quotes :

Michael Lewis : “I did not have time to worry about jet lag and was excited to get back to the Sepang International Circuit where we raced earlier this year. I immediately felt comfortable in my car the minute it hit the track for the first practice session on Thursday. My engineer Nicola Sgotto and my mechanic gave me a car that was fast right from the beginning and I was able to record excellent lap times for all the test sessions in preparation for Friday’s qualifying session.

One the race I was able to overtake Daniil on Turn 2 and although Carlos was quite a bit ahead of me, I tried to push for the next few laps. I caught up a bit during the middle of the race, but it was very hard as our pace was much the same. Even though I was on the podium four times this weekend, I am disappointed I didn’t get a win. However, I was very fast and had speed, so it’s more than looking at victories, but of course, every driver wants to win.

Overall, I am extremely excited for the Eurointernational team and for me as we were able to place on the podium in four straight races. A victory was ever so close, however, three second-place finishes and one third was a great result for the weekend.”

Race 4 Results :

1 12 Carlos SAINZ Jr.     10    22:18.916
2 14 Michael LEWIS    10     22:20.995 +2.079
3 11 Daniil KVYAT     10    22:21.785 +2.869
4 69 Richard BRADLEY    10    22:22.826 +3.910
5 66 Jordan OON    10     22:25.891 +6.975
6 88 Oscar TUNJO    10     22:30.121 +11.205
7 10 Jesse DIXON    10    22:35.320 +16.404
8 55 Kotaro SAKURAI     10    22:35.348 +16.432
9 9 S.H. Tom MUN    10    22:35.750 +16.834
10 45 Duvashen PADAYACHEE     10    22:45.606 +26.690
11 7 Nabil JEFFRI    10    22:47.344 +28.428
12 78 Afiq IKHWAN    10    22:48.322 +29.406
13 38 Pasin LATHOURAS    10    22:49.964 +31.048
14 17 Ryan RITCHIE    10    22:51.803 +32.887
15 5 Suriya BALAKERISNAN     10     22:52.840 +33.924
16 16 Calvin WONG    10    22:53.360 +34.444
17 15 Muhammad Sazlan SIRAJUDIN    10    22:59.987 +41.071
18 19 Amirrul KHIRUDIN    10     23:01.921 +43.005

Not classified (75% = 7 Laps)

DNF 8 Dustin SOFYAN    8
DNF 20 Yannick METTLER    5
DNF 75 CHANG Mun Shien    4
DNF 2 James BIRCH    2
DNS 3 Axcil JEFFERIES     0

Formula BMW Pacific continues in August with four rounds scheduled for the brand-new Formula 1 track currently being built in South Korea.

Photo / Editorial : Nazim Idris

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