FIA GT1 – Brno : Matech Competition Returns to Winning Ways

After a horrible weekend at Round 2 Silverstone, Matech Competition is back on top at Brno with Thomas Mutsch and Romain Grosjean driving the Ford GT40 to a resounding second victory of the season.

By lap 3, a contact between Stefan Mucke and Rahel Frey sent out the safety car in what would prove a change of karma for no 1 Vitaphone Racing Team. The MC12 pulled away too quickly at the start and as a result was handed a stop and go penalty. A move that spell the end of chance to fight for the race victory, a day Bertolini would want to forget. A disaster for Team Vitaphone knowing they had the package to go outright for the victory.

Rahel Frey sent out the safety car after a contact with Stefan Mucke.

This meant that Krumm went straight into the lead and continued to head the field when the safety car was deployed for a second time. During this period the clock ticked past the 25-minute distance and consequently the pit-stop window opened.

Warren Hughes, a picture of dejection. The only positive the team can take, Hughes and Campbell-Walter were lapping at a top-ten pace, even with the Nissan carrying 40 kilos of success ballast following its victory last time out at Silverstone.

Seizing the advantage to carry out the compulsory driver-swap and tyre-change whilst cars were circulating slowly, most of the field decided to pit at the end of lap nine, with Dumbreck taking over from Krumm for the second stint in car 23. After the Sumo Power GT team fitted the new set of wheels in one of the fastest times ever, precious seconds were lost as Dumbreck went to exit the garage area, the car in the neighbouring pit was parked too close to get past without Dumbreck being pushed back for a second attempt.

As he re-joined the track, the Sumo Power GT team were frustrated to see that he was now in third behind the Ford GT of Thomas Mutsch in first and the Aston Martin of Darren Turner in second, all three of them separated by just fractions of a second.

The remaining half of the race saw the leading trio locked in a battle, and although the gap between Mutsch, Turner and Dumbreck rarely measured more than a second, all three cars and drivers were so evenly matched that there was unlikely to be a change of positions without someone making a particularly brave move. Hence, positions remained the same to the end of the race.

Bertolini was in the hot seat of the stewards after the blunders. An expensive prize to pay considering the tough championship compositions this year.

From the blunders of Vitaphone MC12 and Sumo Power Nissan GT-R, Matech Competition rose up and took the advantage of the circumstances to bring home a well deserved second victory this season.

Editorial : Mu’az Zakaria
Image Source : SRO FIA GT1 Press

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4 Responses to “FIA GT1 – Brno : Matech Competition Returns to Winning Ways”
  1. Jaybond says:

    Was hoping that Nissan could get the deserved victory, in a more honoured sporting way (unlike last time at Silverstone),but it was not to be. Next rounds perhaps.
    I wonder if Nissan will come out with the road version of the V8, NA engine powered car? I think it should to comply with the FIA GT1 rules..

  2. Hizan says:

    Nissan-GTR was actually the fastest machine until they decided to do some performance balancing at the start of the season. I don’t think Nissan would go the NA way since there is actually no fault in the road car at all. A great car, but FIA-GT racing is always about performance balamncing. No matter how great the car is originally, it will get modified later.

  3. Jaybond says:

    Understood, but since the FIA GT required manufacturers to have road car version as part of its homologation rule , could there be a possibility of road version of V8 GT-R (all the other manufacturers are using upgraded engines which is based on the original production engine version)? That leaves a question mark :)

    By the way, it was quite strange why Nissan didn’t use its V6 turbo engine, should have been more original I guess.

  4. Mike says:

    Yeah, jaybond, that would be cool…

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