FXOpen Drift Challenge 2010 – Round 1 Qualifying

FX Open Drift Series 2010 Round 1 kicks off with a bang!! 40 drivers compete against each other for the ultimate prize of RM10,000. Qualifying saw 8 drivers were eliminated and the common heroes survive to battle it out for tomorrow.

“The Prince of Drift” was on top of the mark in Qualifying, he scored the highest qualifying point. Well hardly any surprise at all considering his superb run of form this year. His recent success was the Formula Drift Singapore. The big question is, will he continue the momentum or the rest of the brilliant line up of 31 other drifters will cause an upset?

One way to keep the engine cool is by spraying the rad. Or is it for a different purpose? Of all the cars on the grid, only Djan’s need a spray.

The Midas Touch, one final adjustment to the onboard camera before his run. I wish some of these days, I could get those gigs of Djan’s video and post it on RaceRevo.

Too much time spent on the grid meant that I missed the biggest run of the day. Djan’s qualifying run was phenomenal. He scored the highest mark, it must have been something. No point crying, above is a shot of him going back into the pits. The new livery made its debut at the recent Formula Drift Singapore, the legendary livery had been condemned to the sidelines. Quick surveys among the drift fans suggested that the old livery identifies better with Djan. As for me, I get used to things pretty quickly and for the fans, I’m very confident soon they will join my bandwagon.

This guy needs no introduction, the two previous event by KBS, he had both in his bag. His real name is Fazreen Ismail but his peers would call him Along Rempit. Rempit is, for our international audience a Malay term for something to do with brutal speed.

Ah Fai gave me a pose before strapping himself in the car.

And signals the thumbs up as in all is fine after getting everything ready

His front bumper shapes an aerodynamic piece of wing. I’m guessing by the looks of it, the wingtip might be functional in helping the airflow to the rad and may lend some useful downforce too in the faster corners. However, the USJ track in nature is tight, twisty and technical.

One of the drifting masters Ivan Lau checking on Djan’s car. He found something on Djan’s car bugging him. Conversation soon follows, I wanted to ear-drop to see what it was that is so intriguing to him. But I must move on quick and fast. The time window is small since I arrived just in time for the Qualifying.

After loitering around Djan’s car, he strapped himself in the 300 HP plus NOS Toyota KE and concentrated on the task at hand. From time to time on the grid, he talks to his crew as the queue line was getting shorter. The anticipation is building up, these drivers are psyching themselves up mentally and physically.

Nazrul Afifi Mohd Nayan or his nick name Alongso Dorifuto. Sounds a bit of Spanish Japanese combination don’t you think so?

Lim Kim Wan’s F3DS is a beautifully crafted machine.

See what I’m talking about? Look at the dials, those are interesting stuffs. I wonder what figures does it represent and does one need to really look at it on the fly when drifting!! Insane!

Burning rubber was too easy for the car. Or at least Lim Kim Wan made it look like so.

Great pose Ariff!! Keep drifting fun!!

His Hachiroku was pretty nimble around this tight track, with years of experience competing at high levels, Ariff Johannis might just be the person who can upset the prince resting on his throne.

Azrinna Jane is definitely up there with these guys. Last time I was covering a drift event at MAEPS, she only lose to the champion Along Rempit. Well, keep it up while the desire is still there!!

The first judging run was quite a disaster for Jane, she lost it coming into the 2nd turn. And the result is…

A damaged front bumper. To keep the drifting spirits alive, Jane showed a drift or two with the car on the way to the pits.

Rhenadi Arinton from Indonesia spiced up the event with a solid drift runs.

My shot of the day – Ng Choon Lai of team Boostzone.

Yan Kian Heng lost it out due to the extreme angle he was putting. It was a good show for the fans.

The crowd is the most important element of any event’s survival. Lim Chee Leong was the center of attraction as he blitzed past the crowd with the thunderous roar of the 180SX engine.

Skyline Super GT Race Car?

Another angle of the widebody. This car is unique, never seen such things before in a drift competition.

The event is a challenge for both the drivers and the photographers. The two photographers were trying to get a low angle shot of Choo Kok Sing coming into the second turn near a clipping point.

Hashiguti Anderson is the sole competitor from Brazil. I’ll keep a watchful eye on him seeing how he turned up the smoke coming into the tight second turn. It was impressive.

Djan on the drugs in the Qualifying!!

To part with, drift has never been this big before, it’s going from strength to strength with every round producing some truly epic driving, its culture too is growing steadily here and more talent surfaced day by day from every corner of Malaysia. With an event such as this, it’s hopeful that drift scene will continue to grow and get the support of the media, the fans, the corporate and the government. At RaceRevo, it’s our obligation to help promote Malaysian drift scene nationally and internationally.

Stay tuned with us for the main content of the event – The Tandem Battles. Coming to you exclusive from RaceRevo.

Editorial : Mu’az Zakaria

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9 Responses to “FXOpen Drift Challenge 2010 – Round 1 Qualifying”
  1. Nice report!
    Thank you guys for a good work, hope to see you on other events of FXOpen (next one is a demo during Japan GT 19th of July).
    Best regards, Denis.

  2. Muaz Zakaria says:

    Thanks Denis, we will be there during Japan GT. I will have one of the guys from racerevo to check that out. I’m arranging the final selection on the pictures on the final tandem battle report FYI. Stay tuned! And thanks for the compliments.

  3. Djan says:

    great stuff Muaz. you can check out my videos @ princeofdrift.com. Tandem videos compilation should be out by end week. Peace!

  4. Muaz Zakaria says:

    Thanks Djan, Congratulations for the fantastic victory!!, We would definitely link that vids here.

  5. Luigi says:

    Super angle, djan s14 is awesome. Great pics too. keep drifting it racerevo!!!

  6. naufal says:

    nice coverage bro….
    anyway that’s me and my friend on this pic actually – http://www.racerevo.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/IMG_7505.jpg

  7. Muaz Zakaria says:

    oh is it, next event, I guess I’ll see u guys. naufal, you have great pics too.

  8. naufal says:

    for next round i think i would not be able to come because my lecture will start at early of july….
    maybe for another round insyaAllah…..
    anyway thanks bro….

  9. Muaz Zakaria says:

    So I guess I’ll see you around for round 3 then. Watch the space for Round 2 coverage man.

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