The best things in life are not things but passion and soul. In motor racing, it existed once every year at the Circuit De La Sarthe. It’s world’s oldest sports car race in endurance racing, held annually since 1923 near the town of Le Mans, Sarthe is back and the anticipation build up to the Le Mans without doubt has put greater interest in this form of motor racing.

As we already know by now, Peugeot had established themselves as the main contender for Le Mans by winning the 1000km of Spa Francorchamps. With Peugeot’s second successive win in the Le Mans Series, the ball is now in Audi’s court to play.

The new Audi suffered their first defeat in a somewhat difficult track condition and one of the Audi crashed into the tyre barrier after Eau Rouge as early as in the formation lap. However, they walked away knowing they had the speed, reliability and consistency to challenge for victory but not the downforce needed to cater for the tricky wet track.

Don’t let your victories go to your head, and your failures go to your heart. The former is on Peugeot, and the latter for Audi.

The Le Mans 24 Hours race will continue to distinguish itself as the event enabling the most innovative manufacturers to prove themselves on the most demanding, revealing circuit in the world.

Peugeot won the 2009 edition but failed in 2008. Will they learn from their 2 years of experience and start dominating from here?

Technology will improve and the perfect place to showcase one’s brilliant innovation into the future is Le Mans.

The new 2011 ACO regulations make provision for smaller, lighter engines producing less CO². Hybrid engines recovering electrical energy thus generating significant fuel savings will appear in the race with real chances of victory. Other technologies : 100% electric engines, engines running on natural gas will, in the future, give rise to fresh battles between manufacturers on the Sarthe circuit.

Le Mans is a test of character.

Whatever it is, victory is gained by resolution and determination. There is no shortcut as has been demonstrated at Le Mans time and time again. This is a test of all components working together in perfect harmony.

For 31 year old Anthony Davidson and as well as the rest of Peugeot’s drivers, there is a window of opportunity for stamping their name in the Le Mans Hall of Fame. A dream for every drivers out there.

In the 2010 edition of Le Mans, the technological laboratory for constructors and manufacturers is pushed even further with teams such as Peugeot and Audi on the grid. Next week the greatest endurance race on the planet is set to go green. Watch this space! And up ahead, we will bring you an exclusive interview with a man who knows all about Le Mans – Bob Chapman.

Bob Chapman combined a great passion for photography with a lifelong passion for motorsport. During the past several years, Chapman’s photographs have been featured in a number of leading automotive magazines, motorsport books and motorsport media web sites. Among these are Autoweek, Road & Track, Sports Car International, Porsche Panorama, Autosport, Racer, MCsquared and the Porsche Sport annuals. Most recently, his photo-journalistic efforts have been regularly featured in Excellence : The Magazine About Porsche.

Editorial : Mu’az Zakaria
Image Source : Bob Chapman, Le Mans Series Press, Peugeot

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