F1 – Abu Dhabi GP : The Final Four

In 2007, we thought that Kimi winning the championship that year was very dramatic, however 2008 bettered it by another notch. Hamilton’s last lap last corner championship decider is a stuff that can only be found in Hollywood movies. And if there is any chance of repeating the dramatic feat, 2010 season has all the ingredients ready.

Fernando Alonso has 246 points, Mark Webber has 238 points, Sebastian Vettel has 231 points, Lewis Hamilton has 222 points. The build up to the final race of the season couldn’t get any better than this, four contenders having a shot at the title in Abu Dhabi. As for Mark Webber, this year is his best chance, he has a reliable car compared to his teammate. If he is unable to pull it this year, it is going to be mighty hard for him next year. The young guns are getting faster by the years.

However, in terms of championship points, Webber leads Vettel by quite a comfortable margin. The question that arises in Abu Dhabi is, will Vettel yield for Webber? If the same situation were reversed, Vettel leading the championship table instead of Webber, Im not sure if the same question is going to be played in the same level of intensity given Vettel status as the better of the duo.

Hamilton has the least mathematical possibility to take the title, hence he is likely to go all out attack and do try a gung ho. He has nothing to lose but all to gain. Nevertheless he needs more than a miracle this time around, 2008 was his lucky year, will it shines on him again only time will tell.

Alonso is well poised to take his third title, with the team mate war going on at Red Bull, he has the best opportunity to snipe a silent title in Abu Dhabi. A title that will upset Bernie. Bernie said Alonso winning the title will devalue F1, it is a bit harsh of a statement to Alonso who perform very well in the later stages of the season in a car inferior to Red Bull. Well Bernie as usual says a lot of things to spice up F1. On a different but more serious topic, there’s some talk about Alonso’s engine condition, if it didn’t last till the end, the trio wouldn’t mind.

Who will win this year’s title? What’s your take on it readers? we would like to hear your two cents

Editorial : Mu’az Zakaria

Images : Ferrari, Red Bull Racing, McLaren

*Image Edited by Mu’az Zakaria

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