Gallery – Porsche : One of a Kind

There are many cars with high performance specifications in the world today but Porsche is one of a kind brand. There is one uniqueness about Porsche that is easy to define. Its looks. The transition from the classics to modern is so well defined through the process of slow evolution.

If one never seen a classic Porsche before in his life and was shown one, he will immediately able to distinguish the fact that this is Porsche. The same cant be said about other brands of cars. Well at least that is true in my observation.

Racing is in the veins of the Porsche brand and there is little doubt over the fact.

One thing about the Porsche, function follows the forms. It doesn’t look hyper modern or ultra realistic. It is design with clean lines and it shines where it needs to be.

These are light and nimble cars. It provides for tactile feedback which is important for any driver.

Like Ferrari, it has cult followers, suffice to say that you are not alone to share this wonderful gift that man has ever invented.

Like Ferrari it has pedigree and heritage. If you own one, the society will put you on a pedestal. You know how great it feels.

Last but not least, it is not a Bugatti or an Enzo, built in a limited number for super rich powerful people which in the end will put them to minimal use. Porsche is relatively cheaper and more realistic alternative well built real race car.

Editorial : Mu’az Zakaria

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