FXOpen Drift Final – Friday Ambiance Pictures

The FXOpen Drift Final is finally underway, I was there on Friday to check out the track, the cars and the competitions. There was a free practice session in the afternoon and some of the top runners haven’t made a single test run yet. Tengku Djan, Evgeny Satukov and Tony Angelo sat out the session and become spectators by the trackside.

The first practice session saw Rocker Loh crashed hard into the barrier at the first fast entry. His car understeered into the wall head on. While he was unhurt, his car took some pounding and had to be carried off the track.

The session was red flagged. While the crew did their thing to remove the car, I head out to pit area to check out the cars. Not all cars were there apparently. I figure most drifters will arrive tomorrow.

On my way, I met Evgeny Satukov, took this picture of him and had a small talk.

I know this Lambo has nothing to do with drifting, well it is Lambo after all. Who can resist feasting our eyes on one? This is one of the VVIP cars.

A videoman and a crew share laughter. And by the way, this is not Djan. Maybe just one of his crew wearing his shirt.

The extent of the damage on Rocker Loh’s drift machine. His crew will be on 24 hours race to prepare the car for Saturday’s qualifying session.

Lim Kim Wan’s (Team ISC) blue FD RX-7 is a sleek machine.

Ah Fai is going to mount a serious challenge for the RM100k cash money. His last outing was Formula Drift Malaysia where he beats Tengku Djan in a tandem battle.

We know there will be a video coming soon, we lack this professional type of media content in our local drifting scene. 5d Mark 2 on a rail is a sign of good things to come.

Pit area was busy with tuning and repairing activities.

The flag is green, the cars were allowed onto the track. At this point, the track is still green. There is not much grip. On Saturday, I believe the rubbers will be laid down perfectly and the action will definitely get more intense.

Hashiguti Anderson lined up for the queue to run. He left the door open to allow some air flow. It was hot typical Malaysian weather.

Micheal Gan’s skyfiro – a cefiro with a skyline bodykit lining the queue.

Hashiguti Anderson is preparing for his practice run.

First corner, a very fast entry. Quite a dangerous turn and very intense. The layout is quite technical, after the first clipping point, the car slows down to a very tricky section. The change of direction and the speed of the car is relatively slow to get a good position for a well timed pan shots.

Stay tuned for more on track action!

Editorial : Mu’az Zakaria

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