FX Open Drift Final : Sunday Event Highlights Part 2

The top 8 tandem battle featured the best of drifters. The crowd was getting anxious as the action gets more nerve racking. They have already witnessed how dramatic was top 16. Now the best of the best will have a go at each other. It can’t get better than this.

Tengku Djan is up against Boy. This time Djan dominated the tandem. No more one more time. Boy put up a fight, but the mighty Djan had the tandem under control.

The tandem assassin was at his best this time around.

Team Goodyear once again found themselves pitted against each other. First it was Loyai against Jane, now it is time for Loyai to face Ariff Johanis. In this hard fought battle, Loyai finally had the win. Ariff Johanis entertained the crowd with his dazzling quick reaction nevertheless the old timer uses his experience to make it into top 4.

Ah Fai and Ivan Lau, combination of superior machine with a super-skilled drifter is the way to go.

Ah Fai proceeds into the semifinal.

Hashiguti Anderson has become a common name in Malaysian drifting scene. The Brazilian born drifter is getting into the top territory in every competition. Despite the talent of Tan Tat Wei, he failed to defeat the ever rising talent of Hashiguti Anderson.

Now the top 8, the old timer is hungry for a podium. It has been long time since his last visit on podium. Ultimately, it is the Prince of Drift he is facing. Djan has got huge advantage in the first run.

But all is not lost as Djan followed too close to the old timer, hit the cone and had to do “One More Time”.

Djan’s second run was free of mistake.

He goes into the final. The old timer still has a chance in the 3rd and 4th placing to get a podium.

A straight forward victory for Ah Fai, he consistently nailed everything in the tandem battle. Perfect angle, lines and speed. Hashiguti was great, but it just was not one of his days.

Malaysians, we have a new tandem assassin!

In the 3rd and 4th placing, Hashiguti claimed the final place on a podium. I know it was a disappointment for Loyai. But he is sure fired up knowing he still had what it takes to compete with the young guns.

I have predicted this final, what a dream come true. Two best drifters in Malaysia head to head in the final for the Rm100K grand prize.

I got a sense of feeling that Djan had the crowd’s support. Ah Fai perhaps is not yet an icon like Djan in the heart of the most drifting fans in Malaysia. But rest assured he is becoming one with a fine run to victory in the final.

I had several fans behind me rooting for Ah Fai, it is a relief for them that finally somebody stripped the title of Tengku Djan. They celebrated, Ah Fai is now the king of Speed City KL.

Finally we hope that foreign competitors will come back with their race machines and continue to support Malaysian drifting scene. They had huge experience competing in international series and that would do great service to our local drifters.

To conclude, here is a message to all of us. Keep drifting fun!

Editorial : Mu’az Zakaria

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  1. Joe says:

    Great event, congrats to the winners.

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    Superb shots, nice series

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