All Stars Karting 2011 Championship – Shah Alam Circuit

It was an eventful All Stars Karting (ASK) 2011 championship at Shah Alam. Familiar names such as previous karting championship winner and current JK racing series driver Nabil Jeffri also took part. It started in the dry and after several races, the rain started to pour. The rain ease off towards the end, but the track still called for the usage of wet weather tyres.

ASK is a new championship series in Malaysia. This is their first year and as far as I could tell, they are quite different compared to the RMC Karting Championship. First thing I notice was the variety of kart makers on the grid.

ASK featured 5 categories. From Yamaha SL are Yamaha Cadet and Yamaha Junior. The introduction of one make chassis Birel for Yamaha Cadet and Yamaha Junior this year will give opportunity to newcomers a fair edge.

Newly Sonik Sport category using Sonik Maxter 32hp engine, KF3 and Open 125 (KF2) surely will witness one of the most competitive racing in Malaysia.

It will be 4 rounds battle to determine the winners. Winner in Yamaha Cadet and Yamaha Junior will get the chance to take part in the Yamaha SL Championship in Japan.

Here are the rest of the pictures from the event while we wait for the full results.

Farriz Fauzy leads the pack.

The track has a mixture of tight and fast sections. In my opinion the layout helps a lot in producing spectacular races.

These drivers are young, brave, experienced and fast. Thanks to the years of Karting development program in Malaysia. Few years down the road, perhaps we will witness the fruits of the labor.

Karting in Malaysia is getting stronger, positive news for Malaysian motorsports industry.

With addition of ASK this year, the drivers will have more opportunity to pit themselves against each other. It is very important particularly for young drivers to get more mileage under the belt.

Reacting to the high g-force on the neck.

Syazwan Mohd Nor in an intense battle. Love the Schumi look alike helmet.

The races were delayed and shorten by couple of laps due to heavy rain. Sensible approach by the organizers.

Malaysian teen karting prodigy, Nabil Jeffri.

Jeremy Nyam’s performance in the rain was phenomenal. Beating Nabil Jeffri and others in one of the races by a comfortable margin.

Nabil was catching up to Jeremy in one of the races, at one point he was challenging Jeremy for the lead. However he pushed too hard and spun. As a result loses few positions in the race.

Drivers checking out the race track with wet tyres. Warm up lap before the race allowed the drivers to acclimatized with the available grip.

Calvin Wong is one of the stars in Malaysian karting scene. Started 2011 season brilliantly by dominating the Senior category of the Rotax Max Challenge Asia/Malaysia 2011(Round 1).

Preparing for a wet race.

Jeremy Nyam.

Zahir Ali of Indonesia. Former A1GP Team Indonesia’s driver.

Despite the rain, all drivers pushed hard. Top marks to all drivers for showing bravery in this condition.

Tricky condition saw many incidents unfold.

Farriz Fauzy.

Standing water is no obstacles for the drivers.

Thanks to the heavy rain, the races were unpredictable and extremely intense.

Sharing some tips on the grid before the race?

Sliding the kart under acceleration.

Editorial : Mu’az Zakaria

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