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Hi. Welcome to my blog. First of all, I would like to thank RaceRevo.com for providing this great opportunity for me to share insights with all motorsports lover out there. Pictures speaks louder than words sometimes, so with the inspiring pictures from RaceRevo.com, you guys will have a nice view on what’s going on during my rally.

Just for your information, 2011 is my 3rd year in rallying. Maybe some of you have known me before, as I started rallying after I was announced as a CHAMPION in ASTRO Reality TV Program called “Malaysia’s Next Rally Champion Zero.2.Hero” Season 1 in 2008 organized by Malaysian Rally Championship (MRC) Organizer, Wheel Sport Management.

I would like to thank my team and main sponsor Pennzoil-GSR Racing Team and also FA Racing for their superb job preparing my rally car, and I also would like to thank to my co-sponsors BR Clutch and RaceRevo.com.

Okay, back to business. I will share with you guys all my experience and story for Malaysia Rally Championship (MRC) Round 2 at Perlis (28th & 29th May 2011).

We already kick start our preparation even before we went to Perlis for MRC Round 2 2011. I felt very confident ahead of this round and wanted to give a good performance for my team and all my sponsors. We had made a good preparation. Considering what had happened in Round 1 (clutch and throttle body problem), this time we were more prepared and thanks to BR Clutch for sponsoring us a new set of high performance clutch for Round 2.

We arrived in Perlis with huge hope that we can still challenge for the Championship title (P10 category) and like I said earlier, we are very confident because Rally Perlis is my favourite rally in the MRC Calendar. During our RECCE session, I was shocked by the new layout that the organizer had prepared for us, it’s totally different from what we have here in 2009 and 2010. The stages was super fast with a lots of long straights (1st time I’ve got a 1km call in my pace note), at that time I am really concerned about my gear ratio. However, it’s a good stage with a mix of smooth and hard surface and the weather in Perlis this time was really hot.

Personally I felt a lots of pressure, because I needed a very good performance to keep the championship hopes alive. The Championship that I had for 2 years in a row (P10 Champion for 2009 & 2010). Our target is to become the champion in P10 category for the 3rd times in a row. For me, to stay calm and confident are the keys to get good results and with help of my brother (Faidzil Alang) of FA Racing, his team (crews) and also his strategy for the rally it has been helping me a lot (from my 1st rally till now).

During the Flag Off Ceremony, we are honoured that Raja Muda of Perlis personally came to see all the drivers and co-drivers and provided the needed moral support .

I was interviewed by the EMCEE. “What your strategy for this round?” I just said, “I want to go flat out all the way and give a good performance”.

After the 1st service, we went straight to the 1st stage (Kilang Gula). The usual ritual after we arrived before the TC in this stage. I prepared my self with a bit stretching here and there and put on all my gears (balaclava, helmet and glove).

Now is the moment. Are we coming here to win or not. The crew did their best job to prepare our cars in perfect shape and now it is all up to us.

The weather is extremely hot.

My mind is deeply in focus on this rally only, nothing to think. The last thing I need at this juncture is any distractions.

I need to concentrate on just the stages with pacenote call by my co-driver (Hazwan Fauzi) and my driving. Sorry Mu’az, I’m not aware that you and Nazim were firing the shots away inches from me and Hazwan at this time.

This is moment before we start the stage. Ah, the kids look pretty curious. Sweet.

Clock in. Stage 1 is about to commence.

The race started.

Stage 1 started pretty good, with long straights and tight hairpins plus high speed flowing corners. It was an awesome rally, I used all 5 gears.

To be continued in Part 2. Stay tuned!

Editorial : Faidzal Alang

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