FIA GT1 – Silverstone : Theater of Massive Action

Let us roll to the Theater of Massive Action, FIA GT1 at the new Silverstone complex.

We are already halfway through the 2011 GT1 season and after this weekend at Silverstone I am wondering if GT1 is heading in the right direction.

You can’t deny that there is great racing action on track from back to front. Almost any team can pretend to the podium. Both Qualifying and Championship races were intense and showed the world truly great racing with top cars staying in the same second and great midfield action with a lot of overtakes.

Sumo Power Team mechanics

Lucas Luhr – JRM Nissan

JRM Nissan team took the home victory thanks to a great pitstop under yellow flag where the pit crew put the No.23 Nissan GTR in front of the very quick DB9 No.7 from young driver Aston Martin and No.11 Exim Bank Team China Corvette. Lucas Luhr and his team-mate Michael Krumm showed us some great driving being able to hold the hordes back for most of the race and even regaining position after being overtook by the No.7 DB9 on safety car restart and the final lap!

You can check the highlights of this weekend on GT1′s dailymotion channel through their website.

Now let’s head back to the main title of this post.

This incident triggered my reflection.

David Brabham after the crash

The most advanced gt racing championship shouldn’t be the theater of massive start crashes and borderline moves of frustrated drivers. I only had the chance to witness two race weekend live for now but both were butchered by long safety car period and unpunished over aggressive moves. You will argue that aggressiveness makes those races really enjoyable for the public but as I see carbon fiber and titanium piling on the side of the track I can’t help to wonder how the teams will handle all that mess.

Exim Bank Team China

As you may have seen in the news, economy is not at best right now and GT1 racing cars are some really pricey bit of kit. GT1 championship has always been criticized for its high running cost. Between high tech racing cars and traveling around the world it is easy to understand why behaviors more commonly found in Clio Cup racing starts to wear out team mechanics and owners …

I really do love GT1 racing. Gorgeous supercars battling all over the world with a top notch organization. This need to keep on going!

Nicky Pastorelli

Maybe it is time for officials to step in and calm these guys before they manage to scare any potential new team entry for next season. GT3 manages to get really nice races (we’ll get back to that later) with bumper to bumper racing but with A LOT less incidents so why not GT1?

Bas Leinders

All-inkl Lamborghini

Markus Winkelhock

Editorial : Julien Mahiels

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