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As typical Vettel style, “reserve it until you need it”. He shocked the competition hard and made us wonder how on earth did he manage to find that pace.

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Picture speaks thousands of words or so they say…

News from Shanghai is that the McLarens of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton set the pace after Friday afternoon’s first and second practice session of the Chinese Grand Prix.

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The 2010 Formula One World Championship continues next few days with the Chinese Grand Prix taking place at the Shanghai International Circuit this Sunday. Since 2004, Shanghai had seen different winners in Barichello, Alonso, Schumacher, Kimi, Hamilton and Vettel. Last year, Red Bull despite having inferior package to Brawn in the early part of the season, finished 1-2 in a tricky wet race.

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When we talk F1, the focus is always on the strengths of the drivers and often times we are told a story of how drivers singlehandedly blown away the competitions. However, these are far from the truth and any driver understands this fact very well. These selected cream of the crop engineers work far harder than the drivers and as just as amazing in their own right, but they don’t get similar highlights since they are out of the glare of publicity.

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The Lotus Racing team principal talks to us about the team’s great start, his love of racing, his rivalry with Richard Branson, and his desire to create homegrown heroes in South East Asia.

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Remember what I said in my previous posting? You can’t be certain of the weather. In a week we had rain without missing a single day in the afternoon, but comes the race day, all was dry and humid.

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Mivhael Schumacher travel past the main grandstand in Saturday’s Qualifying Session.

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Image : Mercedes Petronas GP Media

There’s a saying, you can’t predict weather no matter how sophisticated the equipment is at your disposal. Today, the case is proven as three World Champions paid a heavy price for trying to outsmart Mother Nature.

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