F1 – Valencia Race Day : FIA in the Limelight Yet Again


Vettel Numero Uno in Valencia! The most controversial decision by the FIA on safety car kept Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher out of good points position at the recent Valencia GP. It’s so much disappointment for the two as the new blown diffuser at... Read More

Shot of the Day – Sebastian Vettel : You are Wrong!


I’m still number 1, Numero Uno “As in Canada, the track here shouldn’t be our strongest, so people were saying, but we’ve proved them wrong,” said Vettel. Sebastian Vettel secures pole position ahead of Mark Webber. Rundown to the... Read More

F1 – Valencia : Ferrari Aerodynamics Package


The fundamental theory is simple, the more air flows through the diffuser the more downforce it will generate. However, with limitations of diffuser space, teams are at pain to develop the system further. The brilliant mind of Adrian Newey at Red Bull knows how... Read More