Gallery – FXOpen Drift Series Finals In Still Images


FXOpen Drift Series Finals was the first major drift event in Malaysia for 2011. It was organized at the new drift facilities Speed City KL. New venue means new playground for local drifters to show off their skill. Here’s a recap of some images captured...  Read More

FX Open Drift Final : Sunday Event Highlights Part 2


The top 8 tandem battle featured the best of drifters. The crowd was getting anxious as the action gets more nerve racking. They have already witnessed how dramatic was top 16. Now the best of the best will have a go at each other. It can’t get better than...  Read More

FX Open Drift Final : Sunday Event Highlights Part 1


The battles are over, Ser Ming Hui a.k.a Ah Fai is now legitimately the King of Speed City. It was a smooth sailing victory for Ah Fai and a complicated one for Tengku Djan. Djan had to complete additional runs due to “One More Time” while Ah Fai simply...  Read More

FX Open Drift Final – Flash Result : Ah Fai is the King of Speed City


The final of the FX Open Drift was full of drama and excitement. The final tandem battle saw two fierce rival Tengku Djan Ley and Ah Fai have a go at each other yet again. The final was intense, the crowd was on their feet. And moments later, the winner is announced....  Read More

FXOpen Drift Final – Friday Ambiance Pictures


The FXOpen Drift Final is finally underway, I was there on Friday to check out the track, the cars and the competitions. There was a free practice session in the afternoon and some of the top runners haven’t made a single test run yet. Tengku Djan, Evgeny...  Read More

FXOpen Drift Challenge 2010 – Round 1 : Djan Wins Plus Speedway


On Sunday evening Prince of Drift accomplished his monstrous run of form by defeating Tan Tat Wei in the final tandem battle at Plus Speedway. It was a spectacular demonstration of consistency and style in front of the full house crowd in the grandstand. The Tandem...  Read More

FXOpen Drift Challenge 2010 – Round 1 Qualifying


FX Open Drift Series 2010 Round 1 kicks off with a bang!! 40 drivers compete against each other for the ultimate prize of RM10,000. Qualifying saw 8 drivers were eliminated and the common heroes survive to battle it out for tomorrow. “The Prince of Drift”...  Read More

FXOpen 1Malaysia Drift Challenge 2010 Round 1 – Coming Soon on RaceRevo


FXOPEN will set off its inaugural round of the FXOPEN 1Malaysia Drift Series 2010 this May 29th-30th at the tight and technical Speedway Plus Circuit. Drifters will compete for a total prize money of more that RM25,000 offered by FXOPEN and in the mean time trying...  Read More

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