FIA GT1 – Season Starts in Abu Dhabi Without MC12


FIA GT1 World Championship starts this weekend. Looking at the confirmed entry list, some new teams are coming in but the notable absentees are Championship winning Maserati MC12’s. The rules stated that each manufacturer must race at least four cars. So in... Read More

FIA GT1 – Paul Ricard Championship Race : Maserati’s First Win of the Season


The quest for masterpiece in the eyes of a photographer is a never ending journey. I quote Michael S. Gazzaniga, “what people find beautiful is not arbitrary or random but has evolved over millions of years of hominid sensory, perceptual, and cognitive development”.... Read More

FIA GT1 – Paul Ricard Pre Qualifying : Reiter Lamborghini Shining Under the Summer Sun


Well fellow RaceRevo readers, this weekend is the FIA GT1 at Paul Ricard. With summer sun beating down the track, it went underway smoothly with the duo of Reiter Lamborghini topping the timesheet in pre-qualifying. Ricardo Zonta set the fastest time of the... Read More

FIA GT1 – Brno : Legendary Maserati is Back


After dominating both qualifying session and qualifying race, finally the legendary mark after threatening the podium consistently this season manage to come out on top and claim its first victory of the season with Team Vitaphone. In a dominant display the Maserati... Read More

FIA GT1 – Performance Balancing Kicks In at Silverstone


The ancient Greeks, especially among other time-tested philosophers, gave our civilization our aspiration to wisdom. They explored all avenues of the human mind’s understanding of life and how to enjoy it. And their conclusion: Do nothing to excess. –... Read More