McLaren – Our Heroes, Past and Present


McLaren’s two world champions make a surprise visit to the world’s greatest garage. Amongst the hundreds of historic cars, they are stopped in their tracks by Senna’s legendary ’88 car. Take the JUMP for the vid. It’s interesting... Read More

F1 – Malaysian GP Through the Lens of H.Y.M.S

F1: APR 09 Malaysian Grand Prix

Malaysian Grand Prix is now over, Sebastien Vettel has recorded a 100 percent success from the two Grand Prix. Two poles and two wins. Maximum of 50 points for Vettel, in 2nd, Jenson Button with 26 points and 3rd Lewis Hamilton on 22 equal points with Webber in... Read More

F1 – Round 1 : Australian GP in Pictures


For more than few months testing and developing. Playing with speculations, mind games, drivers were being fished here and there, finally we have come to know the truth. Red Bull and Vettel are the quickest combination. McLaren played down their chances, but they... Read More

F1 Landed in Bathurst, Mount Panorama


If I were allowed one opportunity to drive race cars at any circuit of my choice, it would certainly be Mount Panorama. I’ve driven it thousand of miles in the simulator and never got bored. There is no single boring section. It is a fast flowing unforgiving... Read More

McLaren MP4-12C GT3


The Vanilla MP4 12 C pictured above will transform into a full spec GT3 machine. The first McLaren MP4-12C GT3 to be built by McLaren GT – a new company that brings together the expertise of the McLaren Group and CRS Racing – has successfully undertaken... Read More

F1 – Abu Dhabi GP : The Final Four


In 2007, we thought that Kimi winning the championship that year was very dramatic, however 2008 bettered it by another notch. Hamilton’s last lap last corner championship decider is a stuff that can only be found in Hollywood movies. And if there is any... Read More

F1 – German GP Hockenheim : Team Order, Where are the Dividing Lines?


We’ve talked a lot about team orders, from the day of the infamous in 2003 when Michael Schumacher was allowed to win at A1 Ring and until now the repeat of the same feat with Alonso at Hockhenheimring in Germany. Many of us criticized the manipulated race.... Read More

F1 – Valencia Race Day : FIA in the Limelight Yet Again


Vettel Numero Uno in Valencia! The most controversial decision by the FIA on safety car kept Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher out of good points position at the recent Valencia GP. It’s so much disappointment for the two as the new blown diffuser at... Read More

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