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Formula One resumes in Turkey after three weeks break. With such a long rest, Formula One teams took the opportunity back at the factory to reanalyze their car and get some performance updates wherever possible. With access to factory within traveling distance, the battle for extra tenths kick start immensely. Spain had shown Red Bull’s domination, however with all the new updates coming from all sides, who will go on top in Turkey?

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Monaco GP is unique, there is always something lurking around the corners. The more the safety car take its tour of the track, the higher the probability of unexpected drama to occur. The story of the day should be about Webber’s uprising performance, his performance left a dent on my ego as his confirmation of dominance is evident in his drive to victory. I was forced to eat the humble pie which I admit is not pretty good. However at the final lap of the Monaco Grand Prix, the famous Rascasse yet again stole the limelight and this time it was the same man who get penalized for pushing the boundaries a step further in 2006 prior to his retirement.

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Whatever reservations were held about Michael Schumacher’s chances of easily shoring up against Rosberg at Barcelona have been put to rest as he put in fantastic performance all weekend and finish fourth after showing of a glimpse of his past by overtaking Button and defended the position until the end of the race with sublime composure. Stay tuned for my two cents on the Spanish GP.

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